Ski Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is a well known hotel and resort located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has numerous accommodations to offer their guests which include swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, a spa, paddle boats, and even it’s very own movie theater (1). But some may not know is that the Broadmoor use to have its very own ski area. It was built at the bottom of Cheyenne Mountain in 1959 and was one of the first ski areas to have snow-making and to host night skiing.

The ski area remained apart of the Broadmoor Hotel until it was sold to the City of Colorado Springs in 1986. Eventually, the city sold it off to Vail resorts after only two years of ownership and in 1991, Ski Broadmoor was shut down for good because the lack of snowfall due to its low elevation (2). Ski Broadmoor had one double chair lift, a rope tow, and a small lodge at the base. Their longest run was only three quarters of a mile and 80% of the terrain was rated either beginner or intermediate (3).

Trail map of Ski Broadmoor.

A view of Ski Broadmoor.





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